After Natalia delivered the program to my class, I have noticed more students taking the time to stop and breathe! During quiet time[...] a group of kids stay on the rug to practice meditation for about 5-10 minutes on their own volition!
— Katie, Second Grade Teacher
Our work together has been immensely transformational - to the way I see and do so many things[]. It’s a huge blessing to have so much under my belt.
— Sasha Wasserman, Student, New York
I feel I have a fuller toolbox with which to help my students and myself with our Social Emotional Needs. It has been a great pleasure to have Natalia guide us through our nascent Mindfulness practice in Spanish. Gracias!
— Caroline, Sixth Grade Teacher
In my first 2 sessions, I came to understand my daily anxiety and realized there was nothing to be afraid of. I definitely recommend this.
— Maria Acosta, Mother, Boston